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Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is not just a product or set of products, it is an architecture.  It integrates, unites and connects.  UC provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types allowing for quick market changes, increased productivity and improving competitive advantage.



Primary Components of UC:

  • Communications: Voice, Data and Video
  • Messaging: Voice, Email, Video and IM
  • Conferencing: Online, Audio and Video
  • Presence: IP Phone, Desktop Client
  • Application Integration: Microsoft and CRM Tools
Why NetComm Partners?

Unified Communications Consultants

NetComm Partners are independent Unified Communications consultants.  We provide expert, impartial advice and support to help our clients transform their communication infrastructure.


Our clients consider products such as Google, Cisco and many others.  As Unified Communications consultants, we help our clients to develop a strategy, a business case, manage the procurement and manage the implementation.  We are end-to-end value-added partners.


Developing next generation strategies.


Experts at managing procurements and negotiations.


Best Practice Implementations for Organizations of all sizes.

Cost Avoidance

Our goal is to ensure you get the best of what you pay for.

Don’t know where to start? -OR- You started and need additional assistance?

UC Strategy

Unified Communications solutions offer a huge range of benefits and can help to transform an organization.  If implemented well, UC can facilitate an agile working environment, aid collaboration and spark innovation.

Our experience has shown that many organizations are confused about UC and how it could or should impact them. Many organizations have a lot of the elements that comprise a UC solution, but are often deployed as siloed applications. 

We help clients to define their needs, identify the best solutions and advise on best practice implementation processes.  Our objective is to simplify the noise and provide first class advisory services for all major solutions in the market.

Typical Considerations

  • Budget – How much will it cost and what is my ROI?
  • Product – Which product should I select?
  • Functionality – There are many options, which do I need?
  • Implementation – How do I go about it?  What goes wrong?

Our strategy development process comprises the following steps:

  • Discovery – Current systems, services, contracts, costs, etc.
  • Business Requirements – Future needs workshops
  • Options Analysis – Identify and review each option
  • Budget Modelling – Model the costs for each option
  • Recommendations – Provide a comprehensive set of costed recommendations

Need advice on which Product, Service or Provider to select?

UC Procurement

The UC market is highly competitive with different customers paying very different prices.  Although negotiating with a large supplier or telco such as Cisco or AT&T can appear challenging, we have a proven track record of delivering results.

We understand the products and the suppliers.  We know the pitfalls of contractual “legalese”. We give our clients the advantage in any negotiation.  

UC Implementations – NetComm Global Framework

Our global framework moves your UC from an ad hoc, “build it and they will come” deployment scenario to a best practices deployment methodology using a three phased approach:

  1. Planning and Business Assessment
  2. Solution Design
  3. Implementation/Integration and Optimization

Our framework elements and methodology have been used by a number of customers to plan and deploy their unified communications solutions across North America, APAC, EMEA and LATAM.

Organizations can rely on our framework to provide a repeatable and customizable unified communications deployment methodology. Some parts of the framework must be implemented by in-house personnel, while significant portions can be done with assistance from a trusted services partner like us.

The framework accounts for mobile workforce and flexibility of remote work environments. We are experienced at handling Different Users, Different Styles and Different workspaces.  Any technology, including unified communications, must be deployed with the people and the processes it will impact in mind.

Telcom Audit & Cost Avoidance

NetComm Partners has a proven methodology that can quickly and effectively reduce your telecom costs.

Our Telecommunications Audits, review all aspects of an organisations telecom costs and deliver practical savings without any impact to services.  We identify services that can be cancelled, benchmark costs against market rates and look at new ways of delivering the services.

We benchmark all aspects of voice services including maintenance costs, line rentals (SIP, PRI, Analogue etc.), call costs, subscription costs and mobile costs.  Our voice benchmark service compares both the cost and the service levels of your service to the current market rates.

Our approach to Telecom Audits delivers fast and low risk cost savings.  Options our audits identify include:
  • Cancel redundant services
  • Consolidate suppliers and service
  • Right size services
  • Select the best tariffs – at the best market rates

Are you ready to learn what’s Possible?

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